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Simple and quick perfect bind using a stapler. 

1. Have duplex prints ready to bind, crop marks are suggested.

2. Using binder clips, clamp your book along the edge that will later be bound.

3. With a steady hand, metal ruler, and fresh x-acto, trim edges of book starting (and this is important) with the right, then top and bottom. 

4. With a ruler, mark the left edge of your book a quarter inch from the spine at the top and bottom of the page. 

5. Using a heavy duty stapler (the kind that can handle large stacks), staple in three to four places along your quarter inch margin, using even spacing. 

6. Place a scrap sheet of paper over each staple and hammer the staple down until it is mostly flush with the page. Repeat for each staple on the front and back.

7. Trim excess paper. You can cut right up to the staples.

8. Finally, trim a piece of self-adhering or basic bookcloth to your preferred size, and attach to the spine. Place on a clean, flat surface and weigh down while drying.